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Learning to play the guitar is an all-time favorite for most Kids.

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A reflected laser light is used to read the data that is stored on a compact disc.

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Picking up where Level 1 leaves off, this program takes you further on to the intermediate level of guitar playing.

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Bringing a global approach to music education.

Making of Music, Inc. has completed it’s first full school year “Final Reports” were submitted to our “Grantors” relative to Project Every Child (PEC). It was a very successful year. We have already been awarded our second year grant from Anderson Childrens Foundation here in the Coachella Valley. Many new friends have been found – many more are needed, of course. So, please login so we can know that you are interested in this effort.

We begin our second year of operations  with two aditional locations already committed to Project Every Child.  On July 27, 2006 we opened our second PEC location at Cathedral City Elementary School in the Palm Springs Unifide School Distrist – Tony Signoret, Principal and Ann Wright our Teacher. Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary School is our third PEC location with Maryalice Alberg, Prinicpal and Susan Evans as our PEC teacher. This will be a late August early September opening.  We are all excited about all three locations with plus or minus  2100 children in our Project Every Child Program for 2006 – 2007 school year.

It is obvious that excellent teachers are doing excellent work outside this Project in some locations here in our Valley Districts. We have met with, and know personally, most of the music teachers in the elementary music arena. They do excellent work and are completely dedicated to the children learning how to learn through music/movment.  Eventually, we plan for PEC to be tightly connected to all the appropriate elementary schools in the Valley.  PEC is already having a positive effect. It means every child enrolled in PEC can experience a high quality education that we can touch and feel.  It is real!  Our first Project Every Child Principal, Ann Reinhagen, says the following regarding the impact of PEC on her entire school.

In terms of the Project Overview:

“Our music program has brought renewed energy to student learning.  It is the hghtlight of the week, for students and teachers”

There was much talk at the end of the 2005-2006 school year regarding the need to increase the minutes available each week for the music classes. There is still much to be done to maximize time available. Susan Evans will be instructing at LBJ Elementary in classes that will include grades K thru 5. Ann Wright will work with 1st through 5th grade children, and will actually touch nine hundred (900) children each week. She now has full support from MOMCORP’s Project Every Child and says ” This is the best beginning of the year I have had in thirty years of teaching”. Of course we want all Kindergarten children to experience PEC where this is possible.  Further quotes from Ann Reinhagen follow.

In terms of Goals and Objectives:

Being the true universal language, music brings color and life to reading, writing, math, and communication for all students.  English language learners, as well as English speakers, learn side by side, skill for skill, through experience with music.”

In terms of Continuing the Project

“Without the efforts of Making of Music, Inc., continuing the project will be extremely difficult for a school with diminishing public funds.  As Principal of Mountain Visita Elementay School, I am witness to the enrichment music brings to our curriculum. It is no longer possible to talk about a balanced curriculum, without music.”

Making of Music,Inc.  is formed as a non-profit, Tax Exempt, California Corporation (501(c)(3), dedicated to supporting music education in public school systems, K-5.

We invite you to join us and take action to encourage and enable music education in our public school systems. Click here to join us. Or, contact us at:

Making of Music, Inc.


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