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Here at Yamaha Bass Guitar, you can find reviews and best, affordable deals to buy Yamaha bass guitars. Divided into 4 categories, the BB series, RBX series, Signature, and TRB series. Each have their own unique touch and richness to the particular Yamaha bass guitar.

Here you can find the popular Yamaha RBX170, RBX374, RBX375 guitars and their reviews + descriptions.

How to Play the Yamaha Bass Guitar?

There 4 strings on most Yamaha bass guitars. But some come with 5. They are the same, with the standard tuning of EADGBE. Now, on the Yamaha bass guitar, it is EADG for 4 strings and BEADG for 5 strings.

There are various styles of playing. There is the plucking, slapping, popping, tapping, and thumping, or using a plectrum. As well as there are various styles, from rock to country to jazz. Note that guitar basses are rarely strummed.


Some bassists play using their thumbs or fingers, directly. While some others use the pick (a thick one). However, it is not hard to see most players use their fingers, naturally. Hang your hand loosely over the strings. Then, think of your thumb area as a support. This way, you will find it easy to pluck the strings with the index, middle, ring, and even pinky fingers.

Get to Know the Yamaha Bass Guitar

The body is the heaviest part of all. You will need to attach a strap onto your body, to carry it. The neck will the long part, where you play your notes and also your left hand fingerings. The headstock of the Yamaha bass guitar hold the 4 or 5 pegs. You can tune (tighten or loosen) the strings on top by turning these pegs. Pickup systems are essential. They capture the bass guitar string vibrations and converted into electrical signals. These signals are then amplified by an amplifier and to a speaker.

Fretless Bass Guitar

What is a Fretless Bass Guitar?

Frets are the metal lines that divide the guitar necks, into many parts. These parts, when you put your left fingers on, becomes the notes you play. Think of it this way. Imagine a violin neck. Its neck will have a fretboard and a few strings on it. Notice that there are no frets (metal lines) across the fretboard. Therefore, you could play different kinds of notes, depending on where you press the strings along the fretboard.

Why You Should Play a Fretless Bass?

If you are highly skilled and would love to try a different twist, go ahead. You could easily get the nice blend between the B and C notes (which cannot be achieved in a normal fretted , for example. Famous guitarists like Jaco Pastorious (from Weather Report band) and Juan Alderete (The Mars Volta) too have their fair share of experience on guitars without frets.

Fender (guitar company) have some fretless models. One of it has agathis material for its body and neck. While its finger board is fretless, it has 2 octaves and a scale length of 18 inches. This totals up to the invisible 24 fret lines.

Bass Guitar Packages

Find out all about bass guitar packages.
You can get the best value out of a guitar package.

Yamaha Gigmaker EB Review

When you buy bass guitar packages, you would always get the best sales, deals and value for money. If you compare its price range with buying a single individual guitar, you will save more.

This is a perfect start for beginner or intermediate level players. With this deal, you can save money on this bass package. The Yamaha bass guitar is Yamaha RBX170 bass guitar model.

Weighing in 50 pounds for the guitar, this bass pack comes with many things. Its body boasts the agathis solid wood. Its neck is from quality maple while the fingerboard is of rosewood. The tuners and bridge are from chrome, giving its shiny, polished look. The Yamaha RBX170 also comes with a free 15 watt bass amplifier. And more, there is even a limited lifetime warranty. Best of all, you get a free gig bag.

The Yamaha Gigmaker EB bass guitar starter is one of the top selling product. Additional items include a Qwik Tune digital chromatic tuner, cables, books (for techniques and lessons) and not to forget the guitar strap.

For the price you are paying, you will be getting a moderately high quality bass guitar with all the musical accessories and items. These kinds of guitars will usually sound great given its budget.

All You Need To Know About Bass Guitars

We already know what is an electric bass guitar.

What about an acoustic bass guitar?

The acoustic version of a bass guitar is the same in configuration, string tunings (EADG) but different in body type. Compared to the usual acoustic guitar (steel strings, used for strumming), an acoustic bass has bigger body.

It is definitely difficult to get loudness from these bass acoustic versions. Therefore, usually an amplifier is used along with these, especially during performances on stage. Pickups must be available.

What you can expect from a guitar like this?

You can hear low tones bass sounds, which are determined largely by the quality of the wood. Although Yamaha does not sell one, Ibanez does. You could find the currently most popular Ibanez AEB10E model. It comes with a complete pickup system and it is called an acoustic electric bass.

Renaissance Music With Resonance is Psalteries

I had a friend who used to play the zither, and then moved on to the strangest instrument I’d ever seen – it was like an oversized zither she leaned against her chest, plucking the strings. She called it a psaltery, and it had a very strange sound – very resonant, but still with the plucked tones I’d expect from, say, a harpsichord.
What really amazed me was that she’d made it herself. The psaltery is one of the oldest musical instruments we know about – it’s earliest reference dates back to the time of Thucydides and Classical Greece.The entire instrument is made as a sounding board and strung with metal strings – the number of strings depends on the type of psaltery. Beginners models can have as few as 12, and those based off of the Turkish style can have as many as 72.
One of the strong points of a psaltery is how easy it is to play – because of how the strings are arranged, it’s very easy to make chords, even if you have small hands. You will develop interesting callouses if you don’t use a pick, though!
Different sizes and styles of psalteries exist. Smaller ones have a lighter tone, and are called Tenor Psalteries, larger ones have a deeper tone and are bass psalteries. As mentioned earlier, depending on the region it’s emulating, it may have a greatly divergent number of strings; a few run their strings in pairs, called courses – sort of like pianos do. This gives extra volume.
A recent innovation of the Psaltery is the bowed Psaltery, which has half the strings designed to be played like a fiddle, while the other hand plucks counterpoint on the “square half”
What keeps me interested in the psaltery is watching my friend play it – admittedly, she’s playing in an Irish folk-rock band, but it’s got a distinctive sound, and she makes quite a show out of it!

Persecuted for Teaching and Playing the Oud

Many of us are fascinated by the Oud string instrument,
also referred to as the arabic guitar or turkish guitar,
and enjoy tremendously the sound and compositions obtained with this instrument.
I was therefore suprised when I read this International Herald Tribune article
explaining the tribulations people go through in some countries when trying to teach and play the Oud.
I think it’s highly questionable to say the least, when oppressive groups prohibit people from doing life enriching activities.
I knew some religious groups prohibit the enjoyment of music, but I
did not know extremist sectarian groups went as far as threatening instrument makers and players also destroying or confiscating their instruments.
Let’ hope the world evolves into a better place without abuses of power.
If we live in countries with the freedom of musical expression
then let’s take advantage of it and use our spare time to enjoy this art form.

Musical Universe

We live in a musical universe!!
Scientists have been able to record the sound of stars in the universe using special telescopes, and by listening to them they have been able to determine what goes on deep inside them.
Different stars make unequal sound because their sound depends on their age, size and chemical composition.
Determining the processes occurring deep within the stars with this method is not easy as a scientist says: “It’s like listening to the sound of a musical instrument and then trying to reconstruct the shape of the instrument”.
Our own star has Immense coils of hot, electrified gas in the Sun’s atmosphere which behaves like a musical instrument, scientists say.
Huge solar explosions generate sound booms which are then propagated along these immense arches of gas thousands of miles above the Sun’s surface at incredibly high temperatures.
As a scientist puts it : “The effect is much like plucking a guitar string,”
Here on planet Earth we can entertain ourselves with world musical instruments of a much smaller scale.
Nevertheless we can create melodies, harmonies and rhythms which resonate with our personality.

Innovation in World Musical Instruments

In the search for new sounds and new instruments instead of inventing new musical tools it’s a lot easier to develop an existing instrument and add to it musical characteristics of similar instruments. The result is to create a crossover or fusion instrument which is obtained by combining the qualities of two or more existing instruments.
Wow not sure if that was clear.
Anyhow here are some examples.
Remo the drummer’s drumhead company which has been using leading edge technology to bring to the market innovative durable and affordable drumming equipment for decades has kept some of its R&D department busy with the creation of a crossover between a djembe and a doumbek, called a djembek. No joke, it’s true! Look at the picture.

Also they produce a Digi Harp Shaker which has the sound of the jaw harp and the australian didgeridoo in one.
There are many instances of world string instruments which are mixed with a guitar and give rise to guitar fusion and guitar crossovers with the Lute, the Oud, the sitar, etc.
Check out this Cumbus Ukulele for example.
Another company which has a similar philosophy to Remo is Schlagwerk percussion, a german company, which uses technology and new materials to find the best and most reliable sounds from world instruments.
One of their fusion instruments is a frame drum which they call a Pandariq is a fusion of the the Brazilian Pandeiro, the Afghani Dairi
and the Arabian Riq.
I believe that no matter what new instrument is created ultimately it’s a matter of playing and listening to different instruments to find your unique sound by using and mixing world instruments.
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Heard the Musical Comedian Phenomenon

Have you heard of Reggie Watts ?

Reggie Watts is a man of many talents. What can’t this man do? He can sing, play instruments, tell jokes, dance and make you laugh. And all of this at the same time to boot. Referred to in many circles as the “human beat box” because of his wide range of vocal octaves he is truly a man of many talents.
Reggie got his start early, at the age of 5 he studying the classical piano and violin. After high school he studied for a brief time as an art student he went on to study jazz at the Cornish College of the Arts. Spending the 90’s making his way through the Seattle music landscape he sang for the band Maktub which broke up but then reunited and went on to release their album Khronos in 2002.
In 2003 Watts released a solo album titled Simplified which reflects a combination of rock and soul. After a lifetime of being the class clown Reggie decided in 2004 to move on to musical comedy. In 2007 together with his close friend Tommy Smith they created a two-piece experimental multi-media theatre called Disinformation and Transition. Reggie’s background also consists of voice over work for commercials, documentaries and movies.
Watts has spent time touring all over the world and headlining for such big acts as the Dave Matthew Band and the Rolling Stones. He is also the winner of numerous awards such as the 2005 Malcolm Hardee “Oy Oy” Award in 2005 and the 2006 Andy Kaufman Comedy Award. He recently brought home the 2009 ECNY Award for Best Musical Comedy Act and 2009 Creative Capitol Grant for the performing arts.

Enjoy your Bodhran drum

Hey, one the best way to enjoy your Bodhran drum is to join in with a group of like minded people. Without a shadow of a doubt the most intense way to get as much bodhran practice right up to saturation point, is to go to a workshop in one of the many Irish festivals around the country.
There are many festivals in the United States, especially from March all the way through the summer. March of course is a special month in Irish tradition, the 17th is Patrick’s day, even thought this year it has been said that the religious celebration for the Patron Saint of the country will start on the 15th March in Ireland. Dublin, Galway and Cork will no doubt have the biggest parties.
One festival that springs to mind and that stands out is the Milwaukee Irish Fest, which takes place 14-17th August 2008, and it’s reputed to be the biggest and best in the US.
But if you are lucky enough to be in Europe this year, you have to go to Milltown, County Kerry, Ireland where there will be the World Bodhran Championships, from May30th to 2nd June 2008.
You may be thinking how can you have a championship about a musical instrument?
Well it really is a super festival promoting everything to do with the Bodhrán, from manufacture to playing.
Get there if you can and have a blast.