Is It Possible To Learn Piano Using Piano Learning Software?

With the amount of different software packages to choose from, which one is the best if you want to learn to play piano?

Many people will always advise that it is better to learn piano one-on-one with a piano teacher rather than learning by yourself. However, for many people to learn by themselves is a more preferred option for many reasons. It is important to note that piano learning software is probably going to be worthwhile if you want to learn the basics. In fact, nowadays, due to the large amount of computer programs available, the quality to choose from is actually pretty good.

If you want to learn piano by yourself, there are essentially two choices. You can purchase piano software or you can learn from purchasing books and resources from a local bookstore. In fact, many reputable high street bookstores stock a variety of books in which you can teach yourself to play the piano; it doesn’t have to necessarily be a music store. Furthermore, many also stock software as well as books, as another resource for you.

Before jumping in and deciding which resources are going to be best, it maybe an idea to consider the reasons why you want to learn to play the piano.

Perhaps it is simply a lifetime yearning, maybe you just want to impress or inspire yourself or someone else. Whichever way you look at it, if you learn you not only learn a lifetime skill but you can also develop personal skills.

There will always be advantages and disadvantages to the various methods available to learn piano. Chances are they may vary from one person to another. Overall, they will always have the same goal – that being to enable you to play piano to a beginners standard and beyond. Whichever method you choose, you need to have access to a piano or keyboard.

As said earlier, many preferences are to learn through private tuition. If you follow this route, there are many advantages. These include a qualified and experienced teacher who can develop your skills and someone you can learn directly from through to having the practical methods employed to learn how to play piano. However, private tuition can be expensive and for you to learn to a specific standard may take many months or years, which overtime can be costly. As an example, if you hire a piano teacher, they may charge $40 – $50, perhaps more, per hour. Providing the teacher is worth it, this can total over $2,000 per year.

With purchasing learning piano software online the cost, in most cases, is only a one off payment.

In fact, many of the piano learning software available costs the same or less than that of one piano lesson with a private tutor. The piano software available today is actually pretty good. If you want to learn to a basic level, and are relatively committed then you should be able to teach yourself to a standard which you can continue to develop. Many of the learning piano software packages use a variety of teaching methods to help you. For example videos (online and offline), melodies, and visual aids as this has been deemed to help the overall “learn piano” experience as well as being proven a good teaching aid. One of the main benefits of choosing piano learning software rather than purchasing software from the high street is that many also offer forums where you can discuss your skills and abilities with others who also learn with the same software. This may make you feel that you are learning as part of a group rather than on your own. As well, many of the online learning piano software packages nowadays sometimes give you the opportunity to contact the administrators of the software.

So what about using books to learn piano?

This is something that is dependent upon you and your preferred learning methods. Like the piano teachers rate, for the same price of the book or less, you can learn piano with software, which in a lot of cases comes with books as well. In addition, when you learn piano from books only they can sometimes be more academic and may not contain the visual aids that software provides. Personally, I would use books as an aid when learning piano rather than learning directly from them.

If you’ve decided that you want to learn beginner piano but don’t want to commit to the cost, then I would definitely recommend software. It keeps the cost low, you’re not committing to learning for years, and it can always be a good starting and reference point from the basics up. As well, many of the computer programs available today includes basic music theory and techniques as well as learning a variety of musical styles which is so beneficial when you learn.

By choosing to learn piano with learning piano software, make sure that it is reputable and recommended. The lessons should be delivered by a competent and highly trained pianist and someone who has a background in music and the piano. It is for these reasons that I would recommend Rocket Piano or Piano Coach Pro as the best available learning computer programs to teach yourself how to play. There isn’t much differences between either – they are both very good learning packages and come highly recommended from many people who teach piano or from others who learn piano. You can access the Piano Coach Pro website by clicking on the below banner whilst Rocket Piano can be accessed by clicking the picture of the book.

About the Piano, It’s History, and How it Works

The piano is truly a beautiful instrument and many people enjoy learning how to play it. However, if you plan on learning to play the piano, you may want to spend the time learning more about the instrument. It’s important that you understand the history of the piano, how the piano works, and even the different types of pianos that are available today. This way you’ll know your instrument a bit better as you learn to play.

History of The Piano
The piano has a very long and rich history. The earliest ancestor of the piano is the dulcimer, which had hammers that struck strings. However, later in the 17th century, other keyboard instruments would be developed, such as the harpsichord and the clavichord. However, the modern piano is thought to have been invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori, who lived in Italy. He kept the instruments for Prince Ferdinand de Medici and he was talented at making harpsichords. Later he would go on to build a piano and three of his pianos survive yet today. Later the piano would evolve even more, bringing about the soundboard, the damper pedal, as well as the sostenuto pedal.

How the Piano Works
The piano is an interesting instrument that is very different than most other instruments in it’s class. It is a stringed instrument, but is played in a very different way than most other types of stringed instruments. There is a keyboard with keys that works by striking the strings of steel with hammers that are made of felt. The hammers quickly hit the strings and move away so that the strings keep vibrating. There is a special soundboard within the piano that amplifies the sounds that are made when the strings are struck.

Different Types of Pianos
Today you will find that there are a variety of different types of pianos out there. Here are a couple of the main types of pianos.

Grand Piano – A grand piano has a horizontal frame and the strings are also horizontal, going away from the keyword. For this reason, grand pianos are usually quite large and best for larger rooms. However, there are different sizes of the grand piano. There is the concert grand, which is the longest, the parlor grand, which is a medium size grand, and then the baby grand, which is often small enough that it is wider than it is long.

Upright Piano – The upright piano is often known as a vertical piano and it is much more compact than a grand piano is. The strings go vertically inside the piano and the frame is more vertical as well. Although at one point in time these pianos were not as great as the grand piano, today some of the best ones are close to the same level of grand pianos. However, you will find that these pianos do have benefits, such as conserving space.

Other Pianos – There are other types of pianos available as well. There is the old style player piano, the toy piano, and even the silent piano, which is actually a digital type of piano that is quite popular today. Digital style pianos are more popular than ever before and they come in various sizes and styles as well.