All You Need To Know About Bass Guitars
February 23, 2016

We already know what is an electric bass guitar.

What about an acoustic bass guitar?

The acoustic version of a bass guitar is the same in configuration, string tunings (EADG) but different in body type. Compared to the usual acoustic guitar (steel strings, used for strumming), an acoustic bass has bigger body.

It is definitely difficult to get loudness from these bass acoustic versions. Therefore, usually an amplifier is used along with these, especially during performances on stage. Pickups must be available.

What you can expect from a guitar like this?

You can hear low tones bass sounds, which are determined largely by the quality of the wood. Although Yamaha does not sell one, Ibanez does. You could find the currently most popular Ibanez AEB10E model. It comes with a complete pickup system and it is called an acoustic electric bass.