Are You Ready to Learn the Guitar?
January 8, 2016

Learning to play the guitar is a popular item on a lot people’s bucket lists. And while learning to strum a few tunes on the acoustic or electric guitar sounds easy on paper, there’s a lot more to it than just learning a couple chords.

For starters, there’s the expense of buying the actual guitar. If you’re buying a new one, this could run hundreds, even thousands of dollars. And then there’s the expense of guitar accessories like electric guitar strings, travelling cases and amplifiers.

One way of getting around the high price of the instrument itself is by purchasing a used guitar from Craiglist. Many people find that simply dropping the hint that they’re looking for a guitar is enough to get a friend or family member to part with a guitar they no longer use.

When it comes to accessories like guitar strings, bargains are harder to come by, but they’re still out there. If you see a great deal on picks or a case you’re interested in, just jump on it. Chances are you won’t see a deal that good again.

Learning to play the guitar is a lot of fun, but it isn’t free. Great deals don’t last forever, so take advantage of them and have fun playing.