Casio Keyboards CTK-2100 61 Key Personal Keyboard with New Voice Pad Feature- Reviews
March 13, 2016

Casio Keyboards CTK-2100 61 Key Personal Keyboard with New Voice Pad Feature- Reviews

This new Casio keyboard , Casio CTK-2100 61 Key Personal keyboard targets aspiring pianist and intermediates. Its learning system which is mainly step by step lesson is one among the most successful methods in market. It uses AHL sound source which is said to produce realistic and grand acoustic piano sounds. And the fact that it is made piano style gives it an edge over the other keyboards among all the acoustic piano lovers. It also comes with an USB port and voice pad, which makes it possible to connect it to an mp3 player or a cd player and practice your favorite songs.

Features Casio Keyboards :-

  • Easy-to-play keyboard 61-key portable keyboard with wide range of tones, rhythms and learning capabilities
  • 400 high-quality tones, 150 rhythms and auto accompaniments for Latin music
  • Voice Pad allows you to play sampled sounds; connect CD or MP3 player for practicing along with favourite songs
  • USB port and General MIDI support allows connection with a computer or another GM-compatible device
  • Powered by 6 AA batteries or AC adapter

Casio Keyboards CTK-2100 61 Key Personal with New Voice Pad Feature Review

The online researches shows that almost all of the piano teachers chose Casio CTK 2100 as an exceptional instrument for beginners. They seem to unanimously agree that it gives a feel of acoustic pianos .And that it is better to start practicing in this model rather than in any expensive models with touch sensitive features. Those types of touch sensitive keys are bound to make terrible techniques in kids, which will prove to be hard to correct says an experienced piano teacher.

The x shaped keyboard stand that comes with it is also highly recommended since it suits the needs of kids and can easily be adjusted to their heights. One of the reviewers says it will be great to give one of these to kids for a starter and go for costlier models if their interest lasts. One reviewer said it fell from the stand and still it is working, which proves the fact that it is durable and kid friendly. More than 95% of the reviewers picked Casio CTK 2100 as the affordable keyboard for beginners.

Based on all the comments from reviewers we would undoubtedly recommend Casio CTK for kids who are enthusiastic about playing piano, its affordable price and simple step by step lessons make it the best choice among the keyboards available in market now.