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How To Choose the Right Dance Classes for You?

How do you chose the right dance class? Its a big question – but this is how I would break it down.

What style of dance do you like?

Lets be realistic – if you are significantly unfit and uncoordinated taking up classical ballet classes is going to be a huge challenge. Maybe you should start with beginners Ceroc classes or Rock and Roll? That said I took ballet classes when in my 20?s – totally unfit, very inflexible – I had a great time – but I was useless!

If you have a partner to dance with then you may want to specific partner dance styles (ballroom classes, rock and roll, sequence to name but a few). If your partner is same sex that is not too much of a problem as there is a strong same-sex dance dancing community in Wellington (and no you don’t have to be gay to join).

If you are single you have a number of choices. Many ballroom dance classes and all Ceroc classes rotate partners so if you don’t come with one you will have one soon enough and you will get to meet lots of new people. Alternatively you could consider styles such as Jazz dance, line dancing, belly dancing or even pole dancing (ladies the last two) which are solo dance styles.

What Sort of Music Do You Like?

If you hate 50?s music don’t go to rock and roll dancing. If Egyptian/Middle Eastern music is not your thing then reconsider belly dancing lessons!

Location of the Dance Classes

Driving from Upper Hutt to Wellington for classes maybe multiple times a week is a big commitment in time and petrol. Look for local dance classes Eastern Suburbs if you don’t want to do a lot of driving or you rely on public transport.