Deadly Freestyle Rap Battle Technique
August 1, 2016
Whoever says that battles are strictly freestyle is a liar. Even if their rhymes aren’t written before the battle, you better believe they are looking at you and working out ways to humiliate you before you both get up on that stage. Here is how you limit that possibility. Whenever I’m in a battle I will wear a loud, obnoxious shirt that draws attention (my bright red T with Bruce Lee on the front is a personal favorite). Other MC’s who are sizing me up will be formulating punchlines around that shirt. They can’t help but focus on it! Here’s the kicker… When my name is called to go up on stage, I quickly through a jacket over the shirt. This destroys any punchline my opponent has about it. If they use the line anyways, I look out to the crowd and act completely bewildered, as if to say “Why is he referencing Bruce Lee when I’m wearing a brown jacket?” The key is to dress loud before the battle, then cover up with something plain during the battle. The same goes for hair: if you sport a ponytail or cornrows, throw a cap on right before. Make your opponent beat you in the moment, while you can use any observation you have of them before the battle.