Do You Keep a Practice Journal?
February 8, 2017
How to you keep track of your progress? In your mind? Tsk, tsk ,tsk! Your old pal remembers a lot of things, but you can’t rely on your mind when you need details; it’s simply too much information. You can help it by getting a $0.69 cent notebook. Keeping a practice journal will help you: · Work toward specific goals · Have a clear practice schedule · Save notes and important findings · Organize strategic practice When you write your ideas they become concrete. They are printed on the page for you to see for years to come. A problem you may have detected today may also be the problem tomorrow, or in two years. Sometimes you just get caught up in the music and can’t find the cause of a particular technical problem. But you worked on it three weeks ago and found a solution; it’s in the fourth page of your journal. Organization is as much part of your success as dedication. Use a journal and keep track of your thoughts. It can’t hurt, try it.