Finding Piano Movers: NYC
April 5, 2016

If you are faced with moving your piano from one home in New York city or state to another,you will most likely need to look into hiring some professional piano movers. Pianos are large, heavy and awkward to carry with some weighing up to 1,000 pounds. They are also very costly pieces of equipment, one which you would not want to become damaged as repairs can be very expensive. Whether you are looking for piano movers NYC or Chicago piano movers, you will find that there are quite a few modern piano movers to choose from.

How To Find Reputable Piano Movers

If you are looking for long distance piano movers, many are listed either online or in the yellow pages. Another great source of information is your local piano dealer. Another great place to look for recommendations is on music or piano forums, where people will not only be able to tell you the names of New York piano movers but they will also no doubt mention how well the moving companies perform. There are quite a few specialized piano movers in the NYC area, including New York City piano movers or Piano Movers NYC; who have comanies set up in Manhatan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. These companies are specialized; they are piano professionals who are knowlegable about storing, moving and restoration of pianos so they are well aware of what is important when moving a piano. Some general moving companies also handle specialized tasks such as moving pianos; such as A&A Alliance Moving or We Move NY companies.

While you can choose any moving company, you should find one that is reputable and professional rather than making your choice based on cost alone. Ask about their insurance coverage, the type of equipment they use for moving the piano, and whether or not their moving truck has soft suspension and adequate provision for padding the piano while it is in transit.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Piano Movers?

Some will charge an hourly rate, others will assess the conditions and the piano itself and base their quotation on these factors. It is difficult to accurately gauge how much a moving company will charge. As a rough estimate, expect to pay anywhere from $130 or more to move an upright piano to another local address, and from $600 to move a grand piano. If you are moving long distances prices will increase; you will most likely pay anywhere from $700 on up; depending on the distance traveled and the difficulty of the move. Some of the factors that contribute to increased fees include things such as moving pianos up stairs, storage costs, the cost of hiring a crane if needed and the experience and professionalism of the movers themselves. You will also want to find out if they will move thepiano bench and other accessories such as a brass piano lamp, along with the piano. In some cases you may have to pack up the piano lamp or music stand yourself. Before hiring a company it is important that they assess your situation first and provide you with a final quotation; you do not want any hidden expenses or costs to come to light afterwards.

What Are Some Professional Piano Moving Companies

While many regular moving companies may be able to move a piano along with your other household items, you may want to instead hire a professional company. Some companies, such as Keyboard Carriage Piano Movers or Fragile Freight will move pianos cross country and they are equipped to handle the delicate operation of loading and unloading. Other companies frequently used for moving pianos include Modern & Shafer and Green Mountain Piano Movers–though Green Mountain only services the North Eastern area.

Should You Hire Piano Movers?

The common consensus is that you should hire professional piano movers when moving from one location to another. Professional movers know how to pack it up so that all the delicate parts of the piano is protected and they transport it in a vehicle designed to eliminate the piano being jolted while in transit. They are also experts at maneuvering the piano out of hard to reach locations.