Guitar Program

Guitar Program

I currently have limited openings available

for dedicated, serious guitar students

If you’ve ever studied music formally at a college or university, you know that the best way to learn is to be immersed in music. You don’t just take private lessons from a music teacher…you also study in a classroom setting, you play in an ensemble or two, you attend and perform in recitals, you do some individual practicing, you read written lessons, you use your computer, and most important of all: you build a network of relationships with other people who want the same things you do!

If you want to learn the guitar as quickly and effectively as possible, typical old-fashioned guitar lessons are not enough! You need more than lessons…you need to be a part of a program…a local guitar-oriented community that can reinforce everything you learn, and give you opportunities to make connections and actually use your skills.

That’s why private lessons are only one part of what I do. I believe in a holistic, well-rounded approach to learning the guitar, so I offer some specific programs that will help you reach yourspecific goals:

Guitar Discovery Program – Kids

For absolute beginners, ages 8 to 12! Geared specifically toward kids, this program fits the scheduling cycle of the school year and introduces children to the fundamentals of playing guitar in a fun and engaging way.

Guitar Discovery Program – Level 1

For absolute beginners, ages 13 to adult! This program takes you from knowing nothing about the guitar to playing songs by your favorite bands and artists.

Guitar Discovery Program – Level 2
Picking up where Level 1 leaves off, this program takes you further on to the intermediate level of guitar playing, where you can play any song you want, in any key.

Lead Guitar Boot Camp Program
Learn scales/modes, improvisation, phrasing, technique and fretboard mastery…if you ever wanted to be able to play lead guitar, this program is for you!

Music Theory Guitar Program
Learn sight reading, music theory, ear training, and other skills you need to totally dominate the guitar and become the best musician you can be!

Guitar Creativity Program
Focuses on songwriting, performing, recording and producing…learn to write & record your own music!