Heard the Musical Comedian Phenomenon
February 13, 2016
Have you heard of Reggie Watts ? Reggie Watts is a man of many talents. What can’t this man do? He can sing, play instruments, tell jokes, dance and make you laugh. And all of this at the same time to boot. Referred to in many circles as the “human beat box” because of his wide range of vocal octaves he is truly a man of many talents. Reggie got his start early, at the age of 5 he studying the classical piano and violin. After high school he studied for a brief time as an art student he went on to study jazz at the Cornish College of the Arts. Spending the 90’s making his way through the Seattle music landscape he sang for the band Maktub which broke up but then reunited and went on to release their album Khronos in 2002. In 2003 Watts released a solo album titled Simplified which reflects a combination of rock and soul. After a lifetime of being the class clown Reggie decided in 2004 to move on to musical comedy. In 2007 together with his close friend Tommy Smith they created a two-piece experimental multi-media theatre called Disinformation and Transition. Reggie’s background also consists of voice over work for commercials, documentaries and movies. Watts has spent time touring all over the world and headlining for such big acts as the Dave Matthew Band and the Rolling Stones. He is also the winner of numerous awards such as the 2005 Malcolm Hardee “Oy Oy” Award in 2005 and the 2006 Andy Kaufman Comedy Award. He recently brought home the 2009 ECNY Award for Best Musical Comedy Act and 2009 Creative Capitol Grant for the performing arts.