How to become a rock star?
January 30, 2017
People may say that You don’t actually need to be talented to become a rockstar. But if You really want your dream come true, you have to stick into the rules. I believe that leading by example gives You opportunity to learn from one’s mistakes. 1. Get the instrument or vocal lessons Improve your technique, attend to workshops, learn how to play by watching the instrumental DVDs. The important thing You should remember – absolutely nothing comes automatically, when it’s about learning how to rock. To traverse the long and winding road, you have to put the first step. 2. Practice, practice, practice Practice in your free time instead of hanging around on web. Mobilize Yourself to become the best guitarist, best drummer or best vocalist – and prove it by practicing. Only frequent and regular exercise habit leads to deliver the best results. You’ll see changes in your technique – changes for the better definitely! 3. Work with the band over the material. Select the best concert songs When you form a band, you’re working on sound together. Making your horizons wider and getting more character and style. Then You crystallize songs that are slowly gaining the desired shapes. To come a band into being, play concerts – building a connection with fans is a priority of any rock star. 4. Build your audience I know it sounds a little weird on the first look. However, only a group of faithful fans raises your team on a pedestal. So open the door for all your music enthusiasts – encourage them to share it among themselves, organize fan club – in a word – do everything your favorite bands did, and what made them THAT popular. 5. Popularize Your band on the net Maybe it is time to think about giving Your band the Internet identity? Involve members of the band and take time to register the band on any social networking sites (social media). Think about branding, give out some CDs, and above all, collect as many friends as You can. When you reach a certain threshold in terms of number of friends, will drive the machine itself. 6. Record a professional demo and publish it on the Web Nowadays, amateur records from the microphone do not have too much clout in case of the young band promotion. Recording Studios now offer a really solid, quality demo for a quite nice price. That’s the reason why now is the best time for a career in music -we have everything at hand! 7. Send Your promo-pack to the record labels Have no fear, just drop the envelope into the mailbox. Send your work to both small and large studios – let them know about Your music! Why don’t You try? You must be sure that your music has the potential to appear in the wider group. You know the value of Your own work, so treat each sent disc as a form of promotion. What’s more – if you encounter rejection, just hold on to Your target. We usually fear about rejection. 8. Never give up! Still working on the quality of your music you’ll confirm that you deserve to be called a professional musician, and your band will gain a greater status in the eyes of the listeners. Well, they’ll certainly notice the change when at the next concert, you’ll present a pretty fresh material – as opposed to a band that rested on his laurels after sending a demo.