How to Find that Elusive Film Funding
December 2, 2015

It is fair to say that obtaining film funding can be a tricky task. For some people it really is an elusive goal. Why is it that some filmmakers are able to obtain funding and go ahead with the project, finish it and even do extremely well both artistically and commercially?

Well the answer perhaps lies in the saying that ‘knowledge is power’. If you have the knowledge, the information and the facts about the world of film grant, then you are in the box seat. You know that you could be a totally local film producer or that you could cooperate with an overseas contact or contacts and still be eligible for funding for your movie project within Australia. Knowing what’s out there is half the game.

The money is there

For people who believe they have a terrific idea and even a wonderful screenplay, the reality is that they need help from expert performers and behind the camera people and all of that costs money. Even if they have drawn up a well prepared and presented budget, they still face the prospect of never beginning the actual filming of the project because the money is not forthcoming.

While there can be a number of reasons why a film is not funded movie funding is not a new business; it has been in operation in Australia through both state and federal government agencies for decades. There are definite opportunities for direct grantsas well as projects which involve rewards or incentives for people who invest in an approved film project.

If you are serious about getting your film off the ground, then you need to get serious about learning which funding facilities exist and how they can be applied for and thus help get your film finally made.