How to play guitar quickly and efficiently
February 1, 2017
This article is going to be viral. I’m not going to sell you the secret trick or recipe which will work anytime for everyone. My intention is not to encourage you or push you to sloppy playing, but to show that wherever you are, whatever you did so far, you can easily learn how to play guitar. First of all, I have to notice there’s a lot of handbooks for beginners where it’s said that playing guitar requires a number of qualities and in many cases it’s going to be arduous and hard work. It’s actually true, that you’ll have to put your attention to the exercises. For a simple reason – no one ever came to perfection knowing only the basics. But you NEED to know the basics to start. The hardest step you take is your first. You may wonder if you’re just too old to bring it today. But I’m going to tell you the one thing – there’s no matter how old you are. Everything you need is self-determination and good time management for practicing. From the beginning your desire to learn can lead some positive reactions of your family. Despite this someone can start comparing you with a skilled guitarist – a guy who played at the age of 4 etc. My advice to you is to not give up and just do your job. The worst way you can take is to believe that the guy is just better than you, and you actually suck. Your achievement has nothing to compare with anyone, who started to play before you made your decision. So the BEST thing you can do is just to get inspired of the guy who’s your guitar hero. Remember – you don’t need to be jealous of someone’s skills, because that’s only going to make you frustrated. Don’t waste your time on despairing about the time you took your guitar first, your crappy skills or anything else. How do you want to play? The most important question about playing guitar at the beginning is: How do you want to play. The second is: Who do you want to play for? It’s quite obvious that everyone who’ll read the first would put their hands up and say “of course I want to play the best I can!”. Consider if you want to play only simple songs based on 4 chords and impress your classmates and girlfriend, or you want to be a punk rocker playing with one finger and destroying the stage using your guitar, or you treat it a bit more seriously. So, you have three ways to think of. But each of them requires a necessary minimum of engagement. I. Playing simple songs based on guitar chords There’s only one solution to bring it. 90% of radio streamed songs are based on the same simple structure. Just remember typical set of chords (eg. D G a F) and you’ll discover that you’re able to play most of the love songs. Your girlfriend will be delighted. You have to learn how to play individual chords – practice slowly and pay attention to your fingers. The biggest challenge to the beginners is playing the barre chords. Don’t be scared. It’s not as hard as it seems to be. I think you’ll be able to play the barre chords after three months of practicing. Your practice should include 15 min of warm-up, then 45 min of actual exercises. I recommend you to do it twice a day, or even more. :) II. Playing punk rock! Actually that way is the easiest. You don’t have to know the music theory, you don’t have to practice a lot and all you need is a junk guitar with 3 strings. I know you don’t like the school thing, but the minimum of knowledge is power chords. Do some research and find out how the power chords look like. Then you can perform on a stage! Estimated time to reach the skills of Sid Vicious is equal to 15 minutes after 2 weeks. Have fun! III. Playing more seriously So if you want to be a second Yngwie Malmsteen, you’ll have to work a lot. It’s indicated to know the music theory, because it opens many door. Start with the certain chords, then deep your head into the scales. It’s all about scales – frygian, eolian, dorian and a number of other. Learn how to play them in different keys, and you’ll move you guitar neck at ease. There are many techniques, but the most constructive is Legato. It will turn the soul into you play and it will improve your speed. It’s very important to have the same strength in your fingers. It’s also hard to train. In many cases the last finger is the weakest – practice as you have the last finger as strong as your point finger. Like everywhere, it seems to be hard at the beginning, but I have a tip for you. Take control over one position at the one key and focus on that until you train it. You’ll perceive that it brings you fun. Remember that no one is perfect. Don’t take too many duties while you’re not ready. Master only one scale on the whole neck, then go to another key. Now let’s do some math. To play good on guitar, you’ll need approximately 1000 hours of sweat-squeezing practice. You will be able to call yourself an expert when you feel comfortable with the guitar, with the whole neck, playing the different techniques.