How to Play the Guitar
January 26, 2017
If you are enthusiastic about music and musical instruments, you will likely add guitar to the list of musical instruments you want to learn. There are different types of guitar and each one has its own specific syntax or methodology. But generally, all string instruments work in similar way, and they all follow the same music theory. Here are tips on how to play the guitar: Tip #1: Get Familiar with the Chromatic Musical Scale The chromatic musical scale may sound complicated; however, it is the only place to begin from when you want to learn how to play the guitar. So, the first step is to familiarize yourself with this scale and try to identify each note on the fretboard. The notes go ABCDEFG and return back to A. Tip #2: Get to Learn about Chords and How to Play Them When you hear about chord in music, it simply refers to a collection of notes which in turn facilitates the sound of a specific or particular chromatic note. Start familiarizing yourself with the basic chords – ABCDEFG. Tip #3: Start Learning the Fingering Techniques Fingering is nothing but the manner you place your left fingers on the frets to produce chords. One of the helpful ways to experiment and learn fingering techniques is to follow the techniques in music books until you master the techniques. Tip #4: Learn Both the Major and Minor Each of the seven chords comes in two versions – the major and the minor. For instance, you can produce the A chord minor by taking your finger one fret down on the string four. The next step on how to play the guitar is to get familiar with strumming/picking techniques. You can do this with your fingers or the guitar. Also, experiment with other methods of producing different sounds from a guitar. You will soon be on your way to becoming a pro as soon as you master these various aspects of learning to play the guitar.