Most of us parents would love to see our kids taking up a musical instrument as a hobby which turns into a lifetime of enjoyment. Music is an essential part of life’s rich pattern for us humans, and making music rather than just listening to it is one of the best feelings life has to offer. Knowing all this, many of us try to encourage our kids to get interested in music-making. If we’re lucky, our kids’ school encourages interest via music lessons and may even have a school band, giving young musicians a standard to aim for.

Nowadays, learning to play the guitar is an all-time favorite for most youngsters, brought up via TV and videos to imagine themselves as future rock and pop stars singing and playing their own songs to millions of adoring fans. Even if it’s just a dream, playing the guitar is one of the most rewarding of all musical activities for young people, and it’s no less fun after they’ve grown up! It’s best for mums to start their kids early on guitar lessons, so that playing, even at a basic level, becomes second nature at an early age.

Naturally, kids as young as five years old can’t play a full-sized guitar – their little hands can’t deal with the scale length and their arms are just too short.
Once mums have researched online, they’ll realise there are many styles of guitar playing, with classical the most demanding, although most kids nowadays will go for pop and rock and maybe even compose their own songs.

A quick search online for Perth-based mums comes up with Perth Music Shop – the online outlet for Crescendo Music, which specializes in all types and sizes of kids’ guitars. For parents looking to encourage musical talent in their kids, guitar styles offered here include the Valencia classical style through acoustic versions of the same to gorgeously colored mini electric guitars in all sizes, just like those used by their favorite bands.

Classical styles for very young beginners come with the slim bodies best for smaller hands and arms, are constructed of basswood and can be bought in various colors. A free instructional DVD is included in the package, and they’re available from ¼ size upwards. A popular model is the ¾ sized acoustic classical, with a great tone, nylon strings for easier fingering and smaller body for easier handling. Kids’ versions of the electric guitar are lighter, shorter, slim-bodied and allow the student to gain technique more easily.

Online prices at the Perth Music Shop are far less than mums might imagine, and the store stocks accessories and sheet music as well. If you’re not in Perth, don’t worry, as the company ships all over Australia. A kids guitar makes the perfect Christmas or birthday present and, once your little one has learned the technique, will lead him or her on a lifetime journey of making great music.


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