Learn How to Rap
February 4, 2017
One of your biggest goals for 2014 should be to learn how to rap correctly if you aspire of becoming a great emcee/rapper in the music industry. With technology so advance in today’s market it seems like everyday a new rapper comes out with a new song for his/her Mixtape/Album and the question arises, “do most of them really know how to rap?” Hip Hop is made out of 5 elements: B-boying Emcceing Graffiti Djing Knowlege, Culture and Overstanding Understanding the science behind Hip-Hop emceeing its going to be required in order to be great on the M.I.C. To learn how to rap faster there is a book i recommend reading called “How to Rap” by Paul Edwards. The book contains a little bit of the Hip Hop history, guidance and advise from Hip Hop veterans such as Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, A Tribe Called Quest, and some of today’s greatest emcees like Royce Da 5’9, Immortal Technique, Clipse, E-40 & Nelly. The book also teaches you about Freestyle techniques that must be applied when learning how to rap. Learn How to Rap: The Music behind an EMCEE Once you learn how to rap and become a good emcee, it is important to understand that your music must have a strong foundation, meaning the beats you rap over must be up to date High Quality Instrumentals. Usually a Rap Artist would go to a recording studio with a Music Producer to record his own music but with technology being very advance and affordable today, music artist are now purchasing their own microphones and software’s to record themselves from the comfort of their own home’s. Although they still need beats it is easier for them to purchase them by simply going online and leasing beats for sale. Once you learn how to rap, you will feel more confident about your raps and you will be amazed on how easy it will be for you to record awesome material.