Making of Music, Inc., (MOMCORP) has come together with the common belief that Music is the doorway of the soul that opens pathways for all children to flourish.

Making of Music, Inc. is an active particpant in school reform, a forum, support group, music resource organization, under a California, tax free Mutual Benefit Corporation, (501(c)(3), with focus on music education for grades K-5 and beyond. At present MOMCORP has a “Model” of thier “Project Every Child” in operation at Mountain Vista Elementary School, Coachella Valley Unified School District. The goal is to improve the acedemic skills of “Every Child, K-5 through the Language of Music as a Core Subject, during the school day. Our voice is already being heard in ways not even dreamed of 8 months ago. We believe actions already taken dramatically support our vision of how music education for every kid in the public schools can improve their indicidual degree of success so important these days . We see our “Project Every Kid” as a perfect fit in terms of todays needs of ALL children in ways long ago proven to be essential for life long learning. (Please go the “projects & awards to see more details of “Project Every Kid”.)

Member Donors and other supporters of MOMCORP are dedicated to help make available performing artists, teachers, and exceptional music professionals of all genres to Public School students K-12, and work to support Senior music makers who want to perform with others for fun, recreation, or maybe enven semi professionally.

These individuals are requested to assist in the process of teacher training, adjunct teaching, mentoring, securing instruments and equipment, and assisting where there is a need.

We strive to be the single best source for “promoting the making of music” at all grade levels and for all ages. Senior are particularly encouraged to join with us so that making of music can continue to a positive activity for as long as anyone can and wants to make music with other folks of like minds.

Our mission is to ensure a balanced and high quality education in all schools through the making of music. If you have an interest please click on Contact Us Right now!

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