Money, Music and Happiness
February 12, 2017
Everything that IS; everything around you, will one day disintegrate. Every book, computer and trash-cans—all gone—even your instrument (God noooo!). Nothing material is eternal. I’m not talking you into something religious or spiritual, but I think as an alternative to buying stuff for pleasure, we should look for happiness inside us rather than outside. You kind of have to; you entered the classical music business for the love of the craft, not the money (there isn’t much money in the Beethoven world). Instead of buying, practice gratitude and enjoy leveling up. Every practice session moves you closer to your goals; you are making good art—that should suffice to make you the happiest person in the world. But no, we are trained to find happiness in Mercedes Benz’s. Damn system. Challenge it. Challenge the system and the status quo. Don’t be like others. Be yourself and think as an independent unit. Don’t buy Mercedes because others buy it. Consider cultivating happiness from within so it lasts. Enjoy every little success you have. Chances are your successes are not as little as you think. Spend your money on experiences (ahem, learn travel hacking) instead of buying Mercedes Benz’s. Play music from the heart and fill it with happiness as you go. Never stop learning.