Persecuted for Teaching and Playing the Oud
February 19, 2016
Many of us are fascinated by the Oud string instrument, also referred to as the arabic guitar or turkish guitar, and enjoy tremendously the sound and compositions obtained with this instrument. I was therefore suprised when I read this International Herald Tribune article explaining the tribulations people go through in some countries when trying to teach and play the Oud. I think it’s highly questionable to say the least, when oppressive groups prohibit people from doing life enriching activities. I knew some religious groups prohibit the enjoyment of music, but I did not know extremist sectarian groups went as far as threatening instrument makers and players also destroying or confiscating their instruments. Let’ hope the world evolves into a better place without abuses of power. If we live in countries with the freedom of musical expression then let’s take advantage of it and use our spare time to enjoy this art form.