Quick Tip on How To Write A Rap Song
August 15, 2016
When you want to add emphasis to a certain line or phrase in your song, consider doubling up. All this means is you re-record these specific lines or words on a separate track, and combine them on the master. This gives your recording more depth. It also sounds like you have backup vocals that are supporting you. Consider using double-ups for the following: At the end of a line. At the end of a rhyme. This works especially well for complex rhyme structures. It forces your listener to hear every word that rhymes together. The internal rhymes. For example, if your line is We’re not ones to follow the idiot herds We’re not ones to fall to the simpleton urge We’re not ones to swallow what we’ve been served Cuz me and my dawgs don’t choke on words Try using double ups on “follow, fall, swallow and dogs”. All these have the same stressed vowels. Don’t you want your listener to hear something you worked so hard to create? Chorus. The same for any part of a song that gets repeated. For example, if every verse ends with the same punchline, try adding a double up to it. Again, this lets your listeners know this is important to the song structure.