The Chatter in Your Head
February 18, 2017
The chatter in your head is keeping you from enjoying the moment—and from learning. When you read a book and realize you are just reading but thinking about something else, the chatter got your attention. Either you go back and reread that paragraph, or stay chatting with your own thoughts. That chatter is evil. It kept you from enjoying your book, but it didn’t stop there. When you are studying your Brahms symphony, you enjoy the first couple of minutes and then the stupid chatter interrupts again. The music keeps running, you still wearing your headphones, and your mind is in Pandora with Jake Sully. Freaking chatter is everywhere. You start with your scales, playing long notes to warm up and after 7 minutes, bam! You play in automatic mode while the chatter explains in detail how boring the exercises are, how beautiful the day is, and how great will be if John could pick you up at seven instead of at seven thirty. Your scales are ruined. Everything is when chatter interrupts. So, how do you ignore the chatter? I’ve found meditating very helpful. You train your mind to stay still, and then you can transfer your skills to your every day life. Here is the workshop I’m doing now. You can also go to and try their free audio sessions. If you have to choose one, then grab a copy of this month’s selection for the TCM book club (The Inner Game of Music). It tackles the chatter topic in detail and provides you with exercises and solutions to shut the inner voice.