The Last 10 Minutes of Practice
February 20, 2017
You look at the clock on the wall, one hour left. Crap! You can’t go, not until five o’clock sharp. Whatever you are doing I know it’s not fun because you are looking at the clock. Time passes slowly. You may be practicing a tedious etude or working a bad shift. And then you think again, why am I here—why do I have to do this? Is this really going to help me? Chances are that the answer is YES. Hard work ALWAYS pays off. But how do I put up with it? Here’s a tip: The last hour is the hardest, and the last 10 minutes are almost impossible to finish. Because as Steven Pressfield said in his War of Art, Resistance gives all it has to beat you down when the finish line is visible. The last pages of your book are going to be the hardest to write, and so do the last measures of your etude (to play or study). Keep that in mind and when the time comes stay strong, man up and scream “I am beating you arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and then focus and then do your best job. Awareness is the first step, the second is screaming (it can be in your mind but you must do it, it will give you the courage). And that my dearest colleague, is how you get the job done