When is the best time to start playing music?
February 5, 2017
Many of people question themselves if the age is not a limitation in the reference to the learning to play. It is heard often “am too old for that”, or the million of different excuses which theoretically justify our checking in the way to the top of musical possibilities. In fact, if a man gets involved more in one action, he more regrets that he did not begin learning earlier. And so was with me – I started http://www.themusictips.com/best-time-to-start-playing/interesting in music at the age of 12. Two years later my dad bought me first pair of drumsticks, and I went on the first lesson of playing the drums after several months of independent playing. I remember these times with fondness and a bit of shivers on my back, because this was something new for me. Something I wanted very much – to imbibe knowledge about my instrument and exercise. I exercised more and more and waited for the next lesson every the week. I was able to spend the whole days on the practice snare rudiments on sofa and pillows;) If I started playing drums at the age of 10, if even 5 – who knows in what “technical condition” I would be now. For those deliberations motivates us often the conviction that we are not the best at all. We don’t play as perfectly as we seemed. But we still have a goal. You have continually the enthusiasm, which causes that you feel the same shiver, when you had the guitar in your hands first time. Your instrument which accumulated the hectolitres of Your sweat and epidermis. In my opinion, the age is not the limitation in learning to play the instrument. The age is NOT a limitation to enjoy your passion! Young people asks this question the most often, just at the beginning of their adventure with music. On the other hand, youth in the “rebellious” age “powered by the motor of the passion” and the aroused love to rock’n'roll, takes the guitar in their hands and pours their emotions on the instrument. However, wanting to think about playing seriously, they come across on limitations – verbatim from all sides: school and/or work duties at the home too weak technique crappy equipment the age not enough time in general Well, where do we know that from? The conclusion which pushes me after these considerations is the fact, that we put restrictions by ourselves. We try to excuse our lack of the commitment by oneself. So what is the answer on the question from the topic? Your time on the conquest of the world of music is right now! Your future is in your hands. And the future of rock’n'roll also;) Don’t lose the time on excuses – a good time management will cause, that you will sit down with your instrument and You will fall in love with music anew. And when did You start your musical journey? How long is your practice? And what successes have You made? Share your considerations!