Why Getting a Record Deal is Harder Than Before
February 6, 2017
Here is one of the reasons why getting a record label is harder than before. We need to understand that we live in a digital era where music consumers are now downloading/purchasing music digitally and the physical CD world is slowly getting swiped out from the market. Now with that being said. Record Labels are now on a low budget (since most of their sales really came from physical copies back in the days) so most of them stopped doing artist development. If you want to get an A&R or Record Label's attention you must have an established fan base first. If you don't have an established fan base already, your chances of getting a record deal are very low. Record labels are like banks who lend their money to artist that they know for a fact will make them sales, so it wouldnt make sence to lend money to an artist who doesn't have an established fan base or makes any sales on his own right? The Internet is a powerful tool that we all have to create and brand ourselfs to the whole world, but in order to do so you must know how to propertly market online.