Women and Music
February 22, 2017
My composition class/seminar was composed by thirty guys and one girl. I remember our teacher (he was a joker) explaining how every time he asked a question, she would have to answer first, because, you know, ladies first. And then I asked myself, only one girl? Do girls struggle more than guys when it comes to convincing their circle of people (parents)? For general audiences—and that includes most of our parents—the image of the musician is a dark one. Musicians mean for them: bar musicians; long haired creatures with electric guitars and dirty t-shirts. I met a girl whose father, a musician himself, didn’t want her to follow his steps. He explained how hard this career is, and there was no way his little girl will go through hell like he did. Perhaps that’s the reason we only had a girl in our seminar. WOW. Well, the good news is that 2014 is a good time to be a happy woman and major in trumpet performance; because you can. Don’t get caught in people’s opinion of what you should or not do. Yes, listen to your parents but if you like the trombone, you know, they offer degrees in trombone performance for a reason. You can work and EARN MONEY doing trombone stuff, right? Get your parents informed. As for yourself, happiness is more important than money. Go after what makes you happy, not for what women “should do.” Trombone is what you should do whether you are male or female—because it makes you happy. If you are a woman, I salute you. You are reading the best blog for classical musicians in the world :), joke behind and more importantly, I would like to hear what’s been your experience. What struggles did you have and what did you do to overcome them.