Yamaha Guitar Amplifier
March 1, 2016

Yamaha RGA-10 Guitar Amplifier Review

The picture above refers to the Yamaha RGA-10 7-Watt Guitar Amplifier. Now, this is a factory made and remodeled version. But be known. This small 4 inches, 7 watts amplifier is very suitable for beginner practices. Why? This is because for its weight of only 15 pounds (that is like 5 or 6 kilograms), it is highly portable. You can easily carry it to your friend's place for a practice gig. Light weight is the deciding factor you would want when looking for a good guitar amplifier.

It has a speaker (duh) that delivers a full tonal range of sounds. Perfect for both electric and bass guitars. Of course, you will have to adjust the 4 controls given; volume, bass, treble and the mid range. Just plug it into any guitars and you will hear the quality of this amplifier yourself. Many have been astonished at this Yamaha guitar amplifier, despite its vintage appearance. The casing is made of leather vinyl, which protects the amplifier from shocks, if you drop it to the floor. What's more, you will also have the jack for headphone, so you can listen to what you are playing.

This Yamaha guitar amplifier is really suitable for beginner, intermediate and professional level players. Most of all, it is a perfect and most suited for practice sessions. Moving it around at ease is possible.

Yamaha P7000S Dual Channel 1000 Watt Review

For this particular Yamaha guitar amplifier, you will be presented with power and raw strength, as compared to the first one.

Features of this one include 2000 watts (bridge output), 1100 watts (for one channel into 4 ohms), has a built in active cross overs, "EEEngine" technology for a better and more efficient and lower temperature operation. There is also the "YS" processing that will optimize the output for the loud speakers. This one is weighed at 31.4 pounds. A pretty heavy weight amplifier but totally delivers for stage peformances that require both loudness and tone qualities.

This amplifier has a rack that you can use for mounting purposes. For this mounting, there is a power amplifier that is capable of producing 700 watts (for one channel) from 20Hz to 20kHz for 750 W at 1kHz (8 ohm load). Meanwhile it can produce 950 watts (for one channel) for the same frequency range for 1100W at 1kHz (4 ohm load). Note that both ratings are channels driven. Result is, you will get a really clean harmonic distortion and very low noise rating that is less than 1%.

Feel the power of this Yamaha guitar amplifier. Let it vibrate your room with your notes. It is really one cool (it won't overheat) amplifier.